Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs:

Can I book you to speak?

Whilst I can’t accept every request, I love to talk and offer inspirational talks or panel discussions which work well to provoke thought and whet appetite, please contact my speaker agent: 

Can I interview you for an article, radio or tv appearance?  

If you are a journalist and have a media enquiry, please send media requests to: If you would like a specific quote or to interview me about my forthcoming book, please contact my literary agent:

How can I get started with anti-racism?

You can download my Introductory Anti-Racism Guide which has lots of information to help you get started on your anti-racism journey

Can I share your Tedx talk / podcast?

Yes please share my TED talk and podcast far and wide!

Where can I listen to your podcast?

You can find the latest episode of my podcast Conversations with Nova Reid on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play

Do you have a Patreon? 

Yes I have a Podcast Patreon

Can I repost or share your Instagram posts?

I appreciate you wanting to share my content as this helps to reach a wider audience and engage more people in this work.  With that in mind, it is important for you to credit me when reposting/re-sharing my content. Please tag in the photo @novareidoffical in the first line of your caption. Please do not edit or change my original caption. Do not share if you are a business account that will benefit commercially from sharing my content. This includes by either advertising your own events or services, or if you are positioning it in a way that suggests alignment with your brand. 

Can I repost or share your instagram stories?

Yes please re-share my instagram stories – click the arrow share button to share directly to your story (do not screenshot as it removes the click-through link on the story). Include a direct text mention to @novareidoffical in an intentional and visible way. Do not share if you are a business account that will benefit commercially from sharing my content. This includes by either advertising your own events or services, or if you are positioning it in a way that suggests alignment with your brand. 

Can I tag you in my posts?

Happy for you to tag me in posts to raise awareness of, or recommend my work, but please can I ask that you don’t tag me in racist posts. 

Would you write for or contribute to our publication/book?

This work is how I make a living so I do not provide advice or content for free – with this in mind, if you would like me to contribute to your publication or book please email 

Can you help me with my school project or support my academic research? 

I would love to be able help and offer support to all the projects and requests that come through but unfortunately I do not have capacity for this. 


Consultancy FAQs:

What’s the process for working together?

If you are interested in my bespoke consultancy services, we will arrange an initial call to explore how I can help and if we are the right fit for one another. Upon instruction, the consultancy begins with an insight session, which is an in-depth insight and listening session which is vital for anti-racism work. This typically takes place over two half days to meet with key staff, understand your organisation, explore current needs, challenges and concerns related to anti-racism and areas for improvement. After which, you will receive a proposal of short, medium and long term opportunities for further investment tailored to your specific emerging needs.

Can you provide a one-off workshop?

I do not offer stand alone anti-racism workshops. From my experience I have found that it is impossible to get to the essence of anti-racism in one workshop. I am driven to ensure that my services are impactful and genuinely help resolve organisational and cultural problems. For that reason I have based my services on what I know to be most effective. The work that breeds the biggest transformation and sustainable change is the process of individual self-enquiry and ongoing consultancy. To enquire about my consultancy services click here.

How is the consultancy delivered?

The consultancy is generally delivered via a face to face meeting at your office location. However this can be adapted to suit the specific circumstances and virtual services are also offered.

Do you travel abroad for consultancy?

If we are the right fit for one another, with pleasure. Subject to travel, accommodation and subsistence fees

What kind of organisations do you consult for?

I work with a wide range of companies and organisations  who are courageous leaders with a common trait of a strong desire for global change and a curiosity to do better.

Do you work with small businesses / self employed people?

Yes, I offer bespoke consultancy and I offer a course specifically for the self employed and small businesses with fewer than 5 employees. 


Online Courses FAQs

Do you offer payment by instalments? 

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer an option to pay by instalments. We hope to be able to revisit this in the future. Thank you for understanding.

What payment methods do you accept for the course?

We accept secure payment online by credit/debit card powered by Stripe and PayPal

Can my employer pay for this course?

Yes. Many students are funded as part of their professional development by their employer. If your employer has agreed to fund (or part-fund) your place and needs an invoice, please ask them to contact with the name and email address of the student(s) they are funding.

Which is the best course for beginners?

The White Privilege and Anti-Racism course is ideal for beginners. You can find out more about the online, self paced, course here

I would like to pay it forward. Can I sponsor a place on one of your courses?

Yes! Please email and let us know which course you would like to sponsor.

Anti-Racism & White Privilege Course:

Who is the course for?

This course is for people at the beginning of your journey, who recognise they hold white privilege, who recognise that racism exists beyond an overt act of hate and want to do something about it, but often feel frightened of saying the wrong thing and don’t really know where to start. This is suitable for those interested in learning about anti-racism from a UK bias. It is for those who feel courageous enough to start introspection, unlearning and relearning and are keen to be part of change. Click here to learn more.

When can I start the course?

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will be sent your login details via email and you can get started within 48 hours. Be sure to check your junk email folder if you cannot find the email confirmation. 

What will happen after purchasing the course?

You will be transferred to Thinkific to complete your purchase. On receipt of payment you will be signed up to the Anti Racism & White Privilege course and receive an email with your log-in information. Be sure to check your junk email folder if you cannot find the email confirmation. 

Can I get a refund after purchasing the course?

From the point of sale, you will have a 7-day cooling off period, (this is subject to the course content not being accessed beyond the welcome module), after which, all sales are final and no refunds can be given.

Can I complete the course in my own time?

The course is self-directed and designed for you to access online at your own pace. We recommend that you set aside an absolute minimum of 2 hours per week to complete the course. 

How long should I set aside for the course?

Consistency in this work is key so I recommend carving out an absolute minimum of two hours a week. The more the better.

How long do I have access to the course content?

You will have 12 months access to the course from the date of purchase.

What format does the course take?

You have access to a blend of video, audio learning and course notes alongside a course discussion forum on Thinkific.  The course is divided into 15 modules with multiple lessons in each module equating to approx 30 hours of taught content (excluding homework and films). This is accompanied by homework, journaling prompts, films, media references, reading lists and tasks associated with each module.

Are there any assignments or tests?

There are no formal assignments or tests required to complete the course but you are given homework journaling, introspection, reading and further learning is encouraged.

Courageous Courage – Ally edition

Who is the course for?

This course is for those students who have completed my White Privilege and Anti Racism online course and wish to further develop their skills for tackling racism.