Diversity Matters Online

You are the change you’ve been waiting for. You are the change that you seek.

Effecting change, no matter how small can often feel overwhelming.

You can often feel paralysed by fear into not taking action with race or diversity matters. Feeling stuck by fear of getting it wrong or causing offence, or not knowing what the hell you are supposed to be doing or saying.

To help – I developed these online video masterclasses following requests to provide virtual services so you can learn more about the power of diversity and/anti-racism work in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace and so you can feel supported along the way.

Diversity Matters Online, are video masterclass available for 6 months that are suitable for individual change makers and small business owners committed and ready to make some powerful changes.

Courses start from the equivalent of just 0.53p a day. It takes a certain type of person/business owner to want to engage in diversity and anti-racism work, and a big commitment from me to educate and support you along the way. It is not for the faint-hearted but the changes are powerful and long-lasting.

There are two separate courses: one on diversity in business and the other on anti-racism and white privilege


So many businesses are getting diversity wrong and this is having a HUGE impact on brand credibility and a knock-on effect on sales. Avoid being one of them in this intensive online course.

I’ll be covering everything from diversity and why it matters, to tokenism, how to better appeal to and create inclusive spaces for people in minority groups without capitalising, cultural appropriation, subconscious bias, language, political correctness and more.

Anti-Racism / White Privilege

In this separate programme on white privilege, race and anti-racism and we’ll be digging deep into self-awareness and how you can use your privilege to effect REAL change in your life, at work, in the way you parent, in your relationships, communities and much more. This course is ONLY for those ready to do the work and take consistent action to be the change they want to see in the world.

It’s deep work. It will challenge you, it will inspire you and it will change your thinking and if you want it to – the way you live your life. PLUS like all the others who have realised there is a cost to not diversifying their business, it will completely elevate your business.

Now has never been a more appropriate time to start in business or for personal pursuits. Our socio-political climate is changing and we are all experiencing the discomfort and effect of that. There is no more time to waste.

To find out how these online courses can help you or your business, please sign up to find out more.

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I Am Ready

These courses are suitable for individuals and small business owners only. If you are a medium size business or corporation or would simply like to explore bespoke in-house consultancy and training please email: nova@novareid.com 

What others say


You have changed the way I parent from this point forward.

In less than 12 months, our diverse client base has grown by 20% as a direct result of prioritising diversity in our business.


Nova Reid is a diversity awareness legend


About your host

Nova Reid is an advocate for equality and was recently nominated as a Positive Role Model for race equality at the National Diversity Awards.

She is a certified NLP Life Coach specialising in mental well-being and frequent mentor at the Women of the World Festival London. She is regularly invited to provide frequent expert media commentary for BBC and Sky News on diversity matters.

Often described as inspirational, former professional actress Nova enjoys empowering others to reach their true potential and is a popular inspirational speaker providing keynote and training sessions. She is also Director of multi-award-winning wedding blog; Nu Bride and is a pioneer for encouraging diversity in media.

Using her professional background in mental health, with humility and humour she focuses on mindset and culture change and frequently educates on equality matters. She has taught over 300 people through masterclasses in the past 18 months. With her unique and honest approach to diversity, she is often contacted by many well-known brands to offer consultancy, training, produce campaigns and events, with inclusive diversity at the core