Consumers are 64% more likely to buy from a brand that takes a stance on social issue

Now has never been a more appropriate time to build your business reputation as a leader in equality, as an ally and a brand who not only puts people first, but cares about corporate responsibility and social justice and with extensive research that report you’re three times more likely to be out-performed and outsold by peers if your business is not diverse  , there is no longer a need to argue a business case.

There is a serious link between mental health and racism which is often not explored or underestimated, especially in the workplace. Racism is a public health issue that is even more pertinent in the middle of a global pandemic

Racism is a form of trauma and can take it’s toll on the most resilience of employee because we’re so uncomfortable about talking about racism, it often goes unaddressed, especially in the workplace. Prioritising self care, wellness for staff especially BME staff and those in intersecting minority identities is vital for overall wellness and self preservation.  When your staff are well and resourced, their capacity to contribute, focus & create exponentially improves and can lead staff to feeling valued and able to be themselves and thrive in the workplace which improves culture, customer service and productivity.

How how many employers are leading by example, actively supporting their employees to be allies, addressing workplace inequity, consciously and intentionally seeking out guidance on how to create safe spaces to create an environment where everyone can thrive?

Nova is approached by many well-known brands, organisations to offer high impact  consultancy, to improve  inclusion from the inside out to help them produce campaigns, events and staff culture with race inclusion at the core, to appeal to and provide current services for evolving global audiences and workforce’s. 


Nova provides bespoke consultancy services for brands and organisations who want to centre inclusion, proudly align themselves as progressive and equality-minded businesses and see  inclusion as an opportunity and a necessity and not a risk. 

  • Businesses who want more than just a tick box exercise
  • Business who care about the people behind their organisation, social justice and providing a safe space for all to thrive
  • Businesses who are uncomfortable talking about race, worried about saying the wrong thing, but are not afraid to start 
  • Businesses who are ready to be vulnerable and committed to doing powerful ongoing work
  • Businesses that don’t question wether or not their staff force and practices are biased, but know they are and want to know how to discover and intentionally address them
  • Businesses that ultimately would like to better appeal to and engage with a wider demographic of clients / staff force within and beyond their network
  • Businesses that want to be actively anti-racist.
  • Businesses who want to increase brand visibility and promote equality and inclusion their business practices and marketing in an authentic and inclusive way without tokenising.

Nova has eclectic background working with clients in media, creative industries, advertising, charities,  entertainment, education and service industries.


Our socio-political climate is changing and consumers are voting with their fingers and boycotting brands and businesses that aren’t inclusive now more than ever and lack of diversity is reported to be costing businesses billions.

Nova offers straight-talking services ranging from ongoing transformational consultancy, with access to a team of experts to support holistic strategy, a range of bespoke, in-house masterclasses, talks and 1-2-1 support

  • Transformational Consultancy and Insight Sessions
  • Workshops and Anti Racism Training (including train the trainer)
  • Keynote Talks
  • Sense Checking campaigns or advertisements

To enquire about how Nova can work to evolve your business as progressive leader in their field that prioritises inclusion  please don’t hesitate 

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” We love working with Nova. We came to her ready to do the work, but was so afraid we might get it wrong. I was stalling, when we could be using our platform to make a difference. But Nova has encouraged me and my team to be brave and has challenged me to reach out and make connections with other organisations in order to change the conversation in charity around race. She has been incredibly flexible to the needs of our charity. Not only does she stimulate open and non-judgemental conversations, but she brings practical solutions to the table too, helping me hit the ground running with the anti-racism work that Bloody Good Period stands for. I would encourage all charities and businesses who care about diversity and inclusion and want to make change in a meaningful way, to bring in Nova’s services’
–  CEO, Bloody Good Period


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