Courageous Courage – Ally Edition

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort – you cannot have both – Brené Brown


  • I know you want to step up and be a good ally. 
  • But I know this work can feel anxiety provoking and often means you are ineffective in your allyship 
  • I know the thought of dealing with conflict makes you feel scared at times and it means you don’t act
  • Often letting casual racism pass by with people you love
  • I know you often get frustrated because when the time comes to act more often than not, you freeze
  • I know you don’t feel confident to speak to family members about their racist views
  • So much so just the thought of being in an environment where you need to tackle white fragility makes you feel anxious
  • I know you don’t feel confident
  • And that you definitely don’t feel courageous
  • If you’ve been self educating or hiding behind instagram squares up until now not feeling like you have the confidence to do this work properly and want to step up to be a better ally. This is the training for you


Read on.

People often ask me how I do this work, how I am able as a black woman, to have challenging conversations about race and show up day in and day out. 

The answer? Courage. 

Delighted to introduce Courageous Courage – Ally EditionA 5 day interactive online training program only for the brave. 

Join me and other change makers for 5 days.

Hosted in. Facebook group, Courageous Courage features a mixture of live and recorded content where I will be sharing insights into how I stood on a stage of 600+  white majority to face my biggest fear.

  • I’ll be sharing insights on what methods I use to show up daily to confront racism head on to help effect change.
  • I’ll sharing tips on how you can tap into your courage to be a better and powerfully effective ally. 
  • From speaking up on issues that matter in the workplace or indeed on stage, to no longer letting casual racism pass by from a relative or friend.  

If you feel like you need more confidence and a dose of courage for your anti-racism work to be this is the space for you.

It will make you feel less anxious and more courageous, 

It will make you feel more confident in having challenging conversations which in turn will make you step up in your allyship and help dismantle racism.

I will use my professional background in mental wellbeing to share insights into how to reduce anxiety around dealing with potential anti-racism conflict and build resilience 

I will use my background as a professional and Tedx speaker to teach you how to build confidence

With a mixture of live and recorded content, exercises, interactive Q&A’s and practical tips, we will explore how vulnerability can also be a superpower and use tangible tools to boost confidence so you can be more courageous and in turn, more effective in your allyship.

It this feels like something you have been waiting for. Hit below to reserve your spot.  This is your call to courage. We’ve got work to do.


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