Diversity Consultancy

If your business is not diverse you are 35% more likely to be out-performed by your competitors* Forbes

Now has never been a more appropriate time to build your business reputation as a leader in equality. 

It’s important to be diverse to effectively engage with wider audiences, staff and clients. To have better awareness and understanding of how to reach, resonate, communicate and market to growing and evolving global audiences.

Including diversity in your practices is a business necessity.

2017 National Diversity Awards Nominee, diversity campaigner Nova Reid is a pioneer for encouraging race diversity in wedding media and creative industries.

I am approached by many well-known brands to offer consultancy, produce campaigns and events with inclusive diversity at its core.


I provide diversity consultancy services for individuals, brands and organisations who want to align themselves as progressive and equality-minded businesses. 

  • Businesses who aren’t afraid of honest feedback, who want to better understand cultural appropriation and avoid tokenism.  
  • Businesses who want to be better aware of recognising their bias and how it is getting  in the way of business and reaching diverse clientele.
  • Businesses that ultimately would like to better appeal to and engage with a wider demographic of clients within and beyond my network.
  • Businesses who want to increase brand visibility and promote equality and diversity in their business practices and marketing in an authentic and inclusive way.

I have eclectic experience working with clients in media, creative, entertainment, education and service industries.

Nova is a diversity awareness legend..


Our socio-political climate is changing and consumers are voting with their fingers and boycotting brands and businesses that aren’t inclusive now more than ever and lack of diversity is reported to be costing businesses billions. Find out why adding diversity to your business and marketing strategy will better attract diverse audiences and put you ahead of your peers, who aren’t.

Services range from ongoing consultancy, which can include holistic overall business reviews, to bespoke and in-house diversity training sessions,  to one-off website/ publication reviews.

  • Diversity Workshops and Training:  In-house bespoke diversity training sessions for staff.
  • Keynote Speaker:  Inspirational masterclasses on diversity and inclusion within your own programme
  • One-off Website / Media Review: Honest reviews which include a bespoke guide detailing areas for improvement and realistic steps on how to self-implement and move forward.
  • Overall Business Review:  Taking a deep and critical look at every aspect of your business practices from staffing to marketing. Leading to bespoke ideas, frameworks and training to help you evolve your business with strategic plans, frameworks and ongoing support with implementation.

It is a pleasure to work with inclusive business owners and brands to educate, explore and uncover memes and fear around diversity, bias, race and political correctness . To review and create ideas and frameworks that are easy to implement, to make real impact and long-lasting results. More than once.  

To enquire about how I can work to evolve your business as a leader in inclusive diversity, I would be delighted to hear from you

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