The Link Between Colour and Joy: What Colour is in Your Wardrobe?

Did you know colour and joy are intrinsically linked?

I watched a great Tedx video by designer and writer Ingrid Fetell Lee who discusses the effect colour has on our mood.  Ingrid references research that shows us that pops of colour bring us JOY. Yet, so many of us hide behind dark colours and grey in our wardrobe, we are surrounded (mostly) by grey buildings and dark or neutral colours in school, at work, in hospitals or simply just in our cities.

So if we know that colour improves are mood why is it that our everyday is surrounded by neutral colours?


We need to add more colour!

Black has always been my go to colour – its easy, there’s no disputing it’s elegant, but it also means I can easily blend in, to not stand out.

I’ve been going through a bit of a wardrobe overhaul recently with the help of The Anderson Club who love nothing more but to help women stop hiding.

Founder, Olga Anderson, loves helping women re-discover who they are (or once were before ‘life’ took over) through their clothing. She believes women bring beauty into the world and noticed I was always in dark colours, as if I was hiding myself and she wasn’t wrong. But the irony was, until she pointed it out and I took a hard look in my wardrobe, I didn’t realise I was always wearing dark colours to blend in, they were my comfort, my go to. They were easy, they didn’t intimidate and they enabled me to “fit in”

Being colourful, or simply wearing colourful clothing opens us up to judgement and that makes us feel vulnerable. Myself included, in the wardrobe change journey, I notice I get more attention when I wear colours, people treat me differently, people are more intrigued by me and if I go into a meeting room or in a networking event wearing bold colours – it’s interesting to see how I have started to command attention in a way I haven’t before. It’s quite fascinating to observe.  BUT aside from that and more importantly I always have and always will thrive off of joy and we need more of it in society and can never have too much in our lives.

What colours are in your wardrobe?

Photography: Yuriy Romany  | Wardrobe Anderson Club

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