Are you Surviving or Thriving?

Well. Be honest. Would you say your mental health is surviving or thriving?

This week marks the start of Mental Health awareness week and I’ll be running some activities over on my friendly and intimate Facebook Group to get us to think about our mental health positively and put ourselves at the top of our to do lists for a change. Mental Health Awareness Week is something I regularly campaigned for in my previous role in wellbeing and something that is exceptionally important, not just for one week of the year, but all of the time.
The theme of this years Mental Awareness week is around ‘surviving or thriving’ and to explore why so many people in the UK, especially young adolescents, women and those under the age of 55 are experiencing mental ill-health. And why in a recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation  exploring the state of mental health in the UK, only 13% of those surveyed reported living with good mental health.

Why is that?

Why are there reports that people living in third world countries have better mental health than some of us living in a western privileged world?

Let’s get curious.

What exactly is Mental Health

Mental health put simply is our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.

Mental health is applicable to all of us. We all have mental health.

Just like physical health, we can have good mental health and we can have poor mental health and everything in between.

Mental health determines how we think, feel and our ability to cope with life, our resilience. It is prolonged and untreated periods of mental ill-health that can lead to mental illness.

I hear too often from business owners, employees and from creatives about burnout. Feeling like you have to be all things to all people whilst multi-tasking uncontrollably, doing everything yourself, often putting your health at the bottom of the to do list (sound familiar?) Associating being busy with being successful and burning yourself out in the pursuit of perfection in the process, not realising that you are your best asset. I hear the ‘British Mantra’ “keep calm and carry on”, on repeat. When sometimes all we simply need to take a beat and stand still.

We are seeing exponential increases in anxiety and depression in the UK and mental health awareness week encourages us to get curious about why, to bust myths and stigma, discover what leads to us thriving mentally and what leaves us vulnerable and how to take action. To challenge why as a nation we are time and time again putting our mental health at the very bottom of our to-do list.

Get Involved

Come and put yourself first and join me in busting some myths about mental health and prioritising yours – I am running a series of free training and activities designed to give your mental health a boost over on my private Facebook Group this week which you are welcome to join

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