What Do You Desire?

Ask yourself this….

What do you desire? What makes you itch? What would you do if money were no object? A. Watts

(I’d be in the Caribbean, that’s for sure!)

Job hunting is as dull as dishwater. Especially when the position you are yearning for, simply does not exist.

After I got married in 2012, I knew I wanted change. I started to look for a new career, all I kept seeing was the same criteria required in every single application; re: ‘must be a good team player’ blah blah blah. Everything was so dry and uninspiring. Everything sounded the same, nothing excited me. I felt paralysed by my former education and the lack of personality and flexibility a CV brings. My Degree suddenly had no value to me.

How do I find career fulfilment and happiness in the constraints of a society that recruits in the same sterile and outdated way and continuously tries to churn out carbon copies of each other?

I discovered the following Alan Watts video a few years ago and always come back to it.

This really resonates with me. Especially when I was at a loss with who I was and what to do with my future, particularly after the distraction of planning my wedding was removed…..  To continue chasing a dream? Or to settle for normality? (Define normality). This isn’t to discredit normality, it has its perks and is a wonderful honest way of living. But I was so stuck and as a creative this was the path with the most resistance.

And then I realised….

Getting married brings about a whole set of skills and talents (and some frustrating realisations) that you never knew existed . For me, marriage unexpectedly bought me closer to my creativity. Introduced me to writing I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed. Introduced me to romance, to storytelling, it also re-affirmed my love for inspiring and helping others.

Becoming a newlywed brings about some organic changes. It can make you consider taking on a project, heading in a new direction (with friends too!) or growing a career.

I know so many incredibly talented people in the wedding industry who had a career change and started their business after their own wedding. From former lawyers, investors, housing advisors, administrators; to wedding planners, creating charity organisations that plan weddings for the terminally ill, to opening bridal boutiques, marketing and PR gurus and wedding photography.

The question

‘Will you marry me’  can open a whole new set of doors!

Those four words propelled me into a whole new industry and career. I’m pretty sure when I stood on my podium to collect my bachelor of arts degree, I would have never imagined where my journey would lead me.

Copy of Always be kinder instaquote

What do you really enjoy and want to continue doing? 

There is copious amounts of scientific evidence and articles which confirm the importance of having a creative outlet and how this can have a positive and profound impact on wellbeing and make you happier.

For me, creativity effortlessly brings happiness.

Creativity brings freedom: freedom to explore without judgement. The freedom to push boundaries, to experiment, the freedom to be anonymous, to step outside of yourself and be all the things you were told you ‘couldn’t’ be by peers, elders, teachers. Joy, when the feeling as powerful as a lightening bolt strikes; inspiration takes over and you can create with ease for hours.

Joy is inspiring others.

Helping others to believe in themselves, to overcome a fear or self-worth.

I have probably been a creative since I was born. Ask my parents, I was, apparently, always inquisitive,  always writing, always performing, always a ‘drama queen’ (their words not mine!) and exploring. Always concerned about others and wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Creativity embraces, accepts and allows difference, interpretation and joy and is a platform to connect with ‘more people’ who share the same values as you. 

For many years I tried to fight creativity, especially when the responsibility and burden of a mortgage and ‘life’ became overbearing. When elders continuously asked ‘When are you going to get a proper job?’ ‘Why can’t you just stick to one thing?’ But what if you’re a multipotentialite?

The reality of unpredictable income and disappointment set in, these opinions (frustratingly) began to resonate and self-doubt kicked in.

The natural rhythm that discovering your purpose brings is almost impossible to ignore.  I learned that by fighting against  it, only fuelled the passion further and every career decision I have made to move away from creativity, has subconsciously always led me back to creating.

So I decided to stop fighting, to allow myself to walk in a different direction. To go against the grain and do what feels most natural. 

I used to think that creativity was one thing – it is many things, from cooking and baking, from taking a beautiful picture, sewing, singing, writing.  Creating something for no real gain other to inspire, educate and empower others.

We all have the creative gene. Give into it, enjoy it. You just need to find your own rhythm in whatever form that may be. Stick with it, ignore the dream stealers.

Go on. I dare you to dream!

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