One in Ten

I found this stat in a recent reported via Campaign Live with June Sarpong

Only 1 in 10 Brits have a best friend from a different ethnic background.

This may go some way to explain why pockets of the UK still feel so segregated and why diversity struggles to exist in certain environments and industries. We tend to gravitate towards people who remind us of ourselves, we feel more comfortable, but it can create an unrealistic view of the world around us.

People often believe they don’t hold bias or prejudice, that ONLY ‘cruel’ people do. This is a myth. It is not about being a good or bad person. It is about self-awareness. If you are human you have bias.

22% of UK adults recently surveyed think some races are born less intelligent than others.


One of the biggest barriers to dismantling inequality in society and economically is our inability to accept, confront and challenge our own “isms” and our own thinking that often keep stereotypes alive. Biases that perpetuate narratives that aren’t true. Narratives and thinking that we pass down to young people who look up to us.

Subconscious biases are social stereotypes we hold about certain groups of people that we form outside our own conscious awareness. Not being aware of our biases can be devastating.

People with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed than people without disabilities

I love nothing more than seeing the world through a children’s eyes. Simplified uncluttered and common sense and our young people are more blended, integrated than previous generations have ever seen.

Every one of the parents of the children involved in this campaign should be very proud.

Diversity is part of our lives.

It’s in our DNA. It is positive in-fact research shows us  diversity is not just a buzz word, it is vital for our economy, society and business. Research shows us whenever we becoming more segregated, when hatred and hate crime rises, our economy goes down. All we need to do is look at our current political climate.

We have a lot to learn from the little ones around us about being patient, curious and understanding of each other and to see our differences as something to celebrate and not to fear. They have such wisdom.

Change will happen whether we like it or not, the biggest change comes from within, widening our networks thinking beyond our own experience and confronting bias that perpetuates narratives that are holding us all back from thriving, is a great start.

Be more like these little rockstars in this video (who were all cast by brilliant casting agency Looks Like Me whom I always recommend, because their ethos is to provide the creative industry with talent that is representative of society and have children of ALL backgrounds on their books!)

Are you ready to confront your ‘isms’?

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