Black History Month

October is Black History Month in the UK and I am reminded why, now more than ever, this 31-year-old educational initiative in the UK, remains vital.

With the recent cyber racism attacks on the initiative, organisations changing the name to “diversity month“, the Windrush Scandal and not to mention a sociopolitical climate that is bringing our race relations in Britain to the surface, I’ve been producing videos each week to talk about all of this and more and to celebrate some incredible British icons and change-makers in the black British community.

You can catch up on my free video content and insight into race and black history over on my instagram IGTV or Linkedin. I’ll be finishing the video series this Friday 26th October at 1:30pm (BST) with a live Q&A session on instagram. So if you have any burning questions about black history or race between now and then please email me or contact me via social media.

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Illustration by Cory_reidillustration

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