A Conversation about Race, Racism and White Privilege on the Project Love Podcast

Absolutely delighted to be featured on the Project Love Podcast having the most open, liberating and honest conversation about race and racism from a white persons perspective and how to be an ally with one of its co-founders Selina.

Project Love are a popular leading podcast and platform featured in the Stylist Magazine to Psychologies. They’re huge fans of self-development and they’re on a mission to inspire and empower you to create a life and healthy relationships you love and that starts by understanding and accepting who you are and knowing how you want to show up in the world.

Selina one of the founders is also one of my online anti-racism course students and has been documenting her progress and invited me to join her podcast to talk about race, self-development and womanhood.

“I’ve been doing Nova’s ‘White Privilege’ anti-racism course since December and I have found it to be SUCH a powerful course. I once felt totally powerless when it came to racism and inequality. I had no idea what, as a white person, I could do or was supposed to do. Now with this course I know exactly what I can do –  the work is deep and powerful. I am now full of hope and excitement at what can happen if more and more white people stand up and do this work too. Which is what this episode is all about”

Who would have thought a white woman and a black women could speak with such fluidity, open heart with laughter too about a topic that usually makes us curl our toes, or roll our eyes.

An absolute pleasure being interviewed for Project Love. If you’re into self-development and have an open mind tune into the podcast to listen, sign up and subscribe! 

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